Hurricane Harvey Hits Home

Hurricane Harvey Hits Home

When I first heard about #HurricaneHarvey, I knew that everything would change for many people in the southeast. All the numbers were pointing to complete demolition of the towns in its wake, likely to take lives, even. Not only was it going to hit Texas, my new home, but it was also gearing to hit really close to my heart – and my boyfriend’s childhood. The love of my life, Chance, is from Rockport, having grown up there his whole life. It’s now almost unrecognizable. As the Category 4 storm struck, Chance had to accept that his hometown, his memories, everything would be shattered.

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The more footage I watched, and the more reports I heard, my heart broke for all the people affected, in addition to my love. What I didn’t expect, however, was my heart to sink even lower, as the footage of trapped and suffering animals painted the news screens. The lives of these animals were lost – innocent family pets, even strays, underwent the same hurricane.

I just can’t imagine the pain of that.

As my boyfriend, Chance, fights the rain, fatigue, and pain of seeing his hometown in ruins, he is also there, as we speak, restoring its electrical infrastructure with his team at Oncor. For him, he’s doing what he can to make a difference.

But what could I do?

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For most of my life, I haven’t had the means to donate to a cause I care about, but I made it a point to pick one that I believed would do right in this awful situation. That’s why I chose to donate to the SPCA of Texas.

The SPCA of Texas is providing disaster relief to these poor, sweet animals that have been affected. They’re transferring shelter pets to other locations, Dallas even, to free up space for the rescue pets, as well as sending donated food and various supplies to the affected area. They’re even providing shelter for the pets whose families had to be evacuated.

I truly believe I couldn’t have picked a better place to donate to. I am inspired and humbled by my Chance, as well as the chance to make a difference.

You can follow updates on the SPCA site or their social media – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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