Just a Northern Girl

Just a Northern Girl

I was just a northern girl until I fell head over boots for a Texan man. That’s where it all started.


For me, I always knew I belonged down south. I think it might have to do with being raised on NASCAR and country music.  Shortly after I moved here, a Texas woman told me I had great Texas hair. I mean, COME ON, a TEXAS WOMAN… telling ME that I had GREAT HAIR? I couldn’t believe the compliment. From then on, whenever I would tell my story about how I was from Michigan, most people responded with, “You look like you belong here.”

I DO belong here… but how did I end up here?


My love story is a unique one. I met my Texan man 2 years ago at the 2014 Daytona 500. He asked me to dance and I politely declined because I was pretty sure my boyfriend at the time wouldn’t have liked it. He respected that and after that weekend we became friends on Facebook. Casual thing to do once you’ve met someone in person right? He would say that we played footsies, that he messaged me on Facebook after that weekend, and that he was going to steal me away and marry me one day.

In 2016, I reached out to him to ask if he was going to the 500 again. Both of us said we were going without actually having plans to go at first, but we made the trip. Once we met back up, it was like we had never left each other and like we’ve known each other longer than that one weekend two years before.


I went to Daytona Beach single and went back up to school with a boyfriend. That was a hard thing to explain to my roommates! But you know what they say, the best things in life are unexpected.

I couldn’t agree more.

Just hours before my Texan man showed up that night, I was crying to my sister about how I thought I would never find the person for me, And then, boots and all, he walked right into my life and changed it forever.

I packed my boots, my fur baby, and everything else I owned and moved to Texas. Some people (most) thought I was crazy for moving in with my boyfriend of 6 months in a state 18 hours away. But, I thought it would be crazy NOT to.

August 2016 was the biggest month of firsts for us. We got our first apartment together, we both started our first careers, his at the largest transmission and distribution utility company in Texas, and mine at a public relations firm in Dallas.

Here we are in 2017, we are parents to two fur babies and my Texas journey so far has been nothing short of remarkable. I am ready to dig in deeper to everything Texas!

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