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Goodbye Food Fur and Fun, Hello The Bark Blogger

Goodbye Food Fur and Fun, Hello The Bark Blogger

Well y’all, I think the third time is the charm. When I started this whole blogging thing, I really just jumped all in and had NO idea what I was going to blog about. I found a cute name and just went with it. A […]

Thank you, 2017

Thank you, 2017

2017 is coming to an end and it has been one of the best years of my life. I have experienced so many new things, and it’s been scary, intimidating, and exciting.   Last NYE, I was still getting adjusted to living in a new […]

Top Places to Visit in New Orleans

Top Places to Visit in New Orleans

After getting back from New Orleans, everyone has been asking which places were my favorite, what food I enjoyed the most, etc. Well, to be honest, I was very drunk almost from the moment I got there until we left so I don’t remember much (just kidding…kinda). But, I do have some suggestions on where you absolutely need to go when you’re visiting.


Café du Monde 

This one is pretty obvious. Before the trip, I asked everyone for suggestions on where to go and this was on every single person’s. It’s a New Orleans tradition and I couldn’t miss out! Café du Monde is the original french market coffee stand since 1862. The menu consists of coffee and beignets, which I had for the very first time! A beignet is a french-style doughnut and generously covered in powdered sugar. They came out WARM and they were absolutely delicious. The place was packed and for a good reason. If we weren’t already 4 bottles of champagne deep, I would have enjoyed a cup of coffee au lait (mixed half and half with hot milk) and more beignets.

Website: www.cafedumonde.com


Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop


How could I not visit the oldest bar in the USA? Since 1772, Lafitte’s sits right on the corner of Bourbon and St. Philip Street. It was on my list of places to visit while we were there and we all just stumbled (literally) upon it as we were walking towards the main action of Bourbon Street. My drink of choice: Voodoo Juice. It’s said to be bourbon, everclear and grape juice blended into a slushie. YUM.

Website: www.lafittesblacksmithshop.com



Tropical Isle

Home of the Hand Grenade: “New Orleans Most Powerful Drink”. We visited the location on Bourbon and Orleans and I got mine frozen. It was fun carrying the bright green grenade cups walking down the street!

Website: www.tropicalisle.com

Huge Ass Beers

Need I say more? 

Website: www.hugeassbeers.com


Fais Deux Deaux



A must-visit because the hurricane fishbowl is only $10 and $5 for a refill for life. This comes with a lanyard, don’t trust it to hold your fishbowl will end up on Bourbon Street like mine did.

Website: www.bourbonbeertogo.com







Bourbon Cowboy



Bringing country to the Big Easy. The drink specials here were incredible and they also had a mechanical bull. I got to two-step with my love and listen to my favorite songs. They even played some Cody Johnson (by my request).

Website: www.bourboncowboy.com






Cat’s Meow

Anytime we go out drinking, it seems like we end up at karaoke bar. It was inevitable that we ended up at the Cat’s Meow – the best karaoke bar in the WORLD! We ended out our last night here and it was probably the best time we had the entire trip! Since it was the last bar we went to, my phone was dead which means I have no photos. 

Website: 701bourbon.com/index.html


NOLA was a crazy, fun time and that’s all thanks to the friends who went with us! We didn’t go to as many places as we could have but we also weren’t there very long. Feel free to comment any other places we should go to next time we visit!



The Place for Taco Lovers

The Place for Taco Lovers

Happy National Taco Day!  Last month, I was invited to an exclusive, by-invitation-only VIP event. I about exploded when I read the email. My FIRST VIP event!!?!? And it involves food and alcohol? Hell yes! Count me in.  Cinco Taco Bar opened in the Preston Hollow […]

My Favorite “F” Words

My Favorite “F” Words

Hey, Y’all! Welcome to the new and improved Food Fur and Fun! As you may have noticed, I’ve done some rebranding in my months of absence since Destined Texan. So, although I love me some Texas, I found that what I truly love is delicious […]