Thank you, 2017

Thank you, 2017

2017 is coming to an end and it has been one of the best years of my life. I have experienced so many new things, and it’s been scary, intimidating, and exciting.


Last NYE, I was still getting adjusted to living in a new state, with my boyfriend and my pup. I was trying to make friends and also make memories. That’s exactly what I’ve accomplished in 2017.


Here are some of the things I’ve accomplished this year:


-Went to the Cotton Bowl

-Toured the Star in Frisco

-Went to a Stars game

-Went to a Mavericks game

-Planned a successful surprise party for Chance

-Joined Social Media Dallas as a Promotions Co-Chair

-Went to the Daytona 500

-Went to Nashville

-Saw Ariana Grande (thank you Amshi)

-Brought Trigger to Dallas

-Went to my first piano bar

-Went to my first gender reveal

-Hosted an event for Double Merle Awareness Day

-Saw Florida Georgia Line

-Went to my first Texas dance hall

-Survived my first Texas summer

-Started contributing to a Foodie account

-Had a hurricane hit a city close to my heart

-Went to my first baptism

-Had my best friends from high school move to Dallas

-My sister got engaged

-Moved out of the first apartment Chance and I lived in together

-Went to New Orleans


-Got let go from my job

-Found the best job ever

-Shot my first duck ever (first animal I’ve ever killed actually)

-Modeled for a jewelry company

-Got to experience Chance’s excitement after snowmobiling for the first time

-Spent Christmas with my family


These are just some of the things I’ve gotten to do this year. I, of course, left out small details like meeting some great people at our new apartment and hosting brunches and drinking at our dog park. Those moments can’t always be captured, but that’s okay. Sometimes, we just need to be there, in that moment, away from social media and the world. However, I do plan on posting more, and I look forward to what our little world has in store!




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