The Place for Taco Lovers

The Place for Taco Lovers

Happy National Taco Day! 

Last month, I was invited to an exclusive, by-invitation-only VIP event. I about exploded when I read the email. My FIRST VIP event!!?!? And it involves food and alcohol? Hell yes! Count me in. 

Cinco Taco Bar opened in the Preston Hollow location in March 2017 and they serve authentic, fresh, hand-crafted tacos. Everything is made from scratch and they try to source locally when they can. While you are enjoying handcrafted tacos and drinks, you are surrounded by art and a chill atmosphere. 

Photo taken from Cinco Taco Bar Website

They worked with an architect, designer and illustrator to get the place just right… and it paid off. 


Photo taken from Cinco Taco Bar Website

Ever since I moved to Texas, I have eaten Tex-Mex the most. In Michigan, we had a couple of places we would go eat Mexican but here there seems to be a different one on each corner. I have started to love chips and salsa even more along with enchiladas and now… TACOS! 🌮

I recruited my blogger babes to join me… like they needed much bribing… free tacos and margaritas?! This taco y’all… the best one I’ve had HANDS DOWN. I had the #25 chicken alambre: grilled chicken, toasted cheese, sautéed onions, bell peppers and bacon. YUM! Also, you can’t forget the the tequila! Actually, in some situations, you should forget the tequila but ANYWAY… the frozen margarita was the perfect choice for a refreshing and delicious cocktail.

As I was leaving, I made sure to thank everyone at the front for having me and told them I would be back. And I definitely will keep that promise!

Want to know more about Cinco Taco Bar? Visit their website!

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